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The Board would like to thank-you for your ongoing cooperation when using the resident facilities in Wellington Gardens.

The Lord Wellington Club

The Board of Directors of the Lord Wellington Club Pty Ltd (the LWC) has pleasure in introducing the LWC facilities to you through this letter of welcome and the information that accompanies it.

The LWC is a proprietary company limited by shares, of which all those issued are held by the Owners Corporations (OCs) of 201 and 211 Wellington Parade South, and 1, 2-6 and 8 Wellington Crescent, East Melbourne, which together with the LWC make up the Wellington Gardens precinct.

The LWC exists solely to own, supply, manage and maintain facilities for the benefit of owners and occupants of apartments within the Wellington Gardens precinct, and their families and visitors. These facilities include two swimming pools (the East Pool and the West Pool), a gymnasium, the East Pavilion, a sauna, a spa, toilets, showers and change rooms, a lounge and gardens.

The LWC is governed by a Board of Directors. These Directors, who are volunteers, are appointed at each Annual General Meeting of the LWC. Each of the five OCs nominates two Directors for appointment to the Board. Each of the OCs also appoints one Shareholders’ Representative to represent it at general meetings (including the Annual General Meeting) of the LWC.

The LWC contracts a professional manager to administer its general affairs.

The LWC facilities exist for your use and enjoyment. For conditions of use, click here

The West Pool and spa, Gymnasium, Sauna and the LWC lounge are located to the west of the Wellington Crescent roundabout. The East Pool and the East Pavilion are located to the east of this roundabout. Toilets, showers and change room facilities are also provided.

As shared amenities, the use of all LWC facilities is regulated as detailed in the accompanying conditions. For conditions of use, click here

In utilising these facilities, users are required to abide by the regulations and to be mindful of fellow residents within the Wellington Gardens complex.

Entry to the LWC facilities is by an authorised proximity touch fob. As part of general property maintenance scheduling, each fob is networked to monitor facility usage. The fobs also allow for the control of opening and closing hours. These fobs are assets of your apartment in much the same way as standard door keys. For information, click here

Please enjoy the facilities of the LWC. We hope you will also take an interest in its affairs through participation in your OC.

Board of Directors

Lord Wellington Club


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Our facilities, Pools and Spa, Gymnasiums, Sauna and the Lounge

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Our Facilities

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